Why Start Blogging in the First Place?

For me, it’s almost like a journal that other people can read. My life is entertaining for the most part, but when my other half is working and my son is at school or resting I get lost in my own thoughts. I think constantly.

I don’t think about weird kinky stuff or horrible things happening (I mean, not all the time). I usually think about life. Everything and anything about life. It’s a huge range of just thoughts.

How can I be a better parent? Am I even parenting right or is there even a right way to parent (other than making sure their alive and fed). Or doing something and wondering, do other people do this too? Could I be strange to some for doing something a certain way?

I can even have deeper thoughts. Why am I in this exact place at this exact moment in time? How are humans supposed to function? What’s expected of humans, other than feeling like robots when we do the same things day after day.

To me, life is rather interesting and in way more ways than any of us could probably think of. Do animals think we’re weird for trying to talk to them? Do they just act excited and happy so we give them what they want? (Human, shut up and give me the damn biscuit) Who knows?!

There I go rambling again.

I hope you like my random thoughts and posts. If not, that’s totally fine too.

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