31 Day Blog Challenge

20 Facts About Me

  1. I graduated in 2014
  2. I had my son a week before my 17th birthday
  3. I started modeling about two and a half years ago, nothing professional (no magazines). It just makes me feel better about myself and it’s a day I can dedicate to pampering myself.
  4. I’m majoring in mental health
  5. I’m a very open person once you get to know me
  6. My sons name is Brantley (yes, like the country singer)
  7. I try not to judge people by their past or choices they have made in life, mostly because of the past that I have
  8. Sunshine puts me in a better mood
  9. I love eating food in bed
  10. Junk food is a weakness of mine
  11. I’ve always struggled with being underweight
  12. As of right now, I can’t lean forward without pressing buttons with my belly on the laptop
  13. I’ve gained more weight this pregnancy so far and I still have 11 weeks to go
  14. Although I weigh more, I have never felt more at ease with myself (other than normal pregnancy pains)
  15. I keep to myself way more now than ever
  16. I don’t usually go out of my way to get a hold of people, most already know my number and where I live
  17. I’m much closer to the friends that I still talk to, especially now that I’m more settled and happier with life
  18. I absolutely love watching clouds move and looking up at the stars at night
  19. Even though I’ve always been tiny my whole life, I’ve always been very out of shape
  20. I enjoy listening others talk about their lives and problems because I love giving positive feedback and seeing people as happy as I am

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