31 Day Blog Challenge

Earliest Childhood Memory

Oh boy. This might be hard. According to some, I’m still decently young. Which I don’t disagree with, 21 isn’t usually considered old. To me, age has nothing to do with much anymore. Except for the law but yet, that’s still broken daily.

I remember bits and pieces of my childhood, I mean most people do. I’m sitting here trying to think about my childhood and different memories that I do remember. Some things that come to mind are things that I’ve been told about (usually more than once). Most are those things they told me about that I think I remember but then again I’m not quite sure if I really do.

I know I grew into a sassy, independent toddler. I’ve been reminded by my son’s attitude and my family letting me know that it’s payback for how I acted. Which explains why he has so much attitude built up into such a small body. I can’t complain because he is intelligent and remembers almost more than I do half of the time.

I don’t really remember much about being a toddler, I’ve been told I used to get mad at my parents and pack a Walmart bag with some toys and clothes. Then I would walk out the door and tell my parents I was moving in with my grandmother (who lived in the same driveway). All because my parents probably told me no.

I vaguely remember moving out of the house by my grandmothers. We moved into a house down the street from my aunt’s house. Which I spent a lot of time at because my cousin Hunter was there and there was always so much to do. We used to ride those battery operated jeeps (I usually wasn’t allowed to drive because I wouldn’t turn to move around things.. Not even people).

So I guess I do have some memories of that. One time my cousin and I had a wonderful idea to make a “worm circus”. (We loved digging for worms). My aunt has a video of us, we became so distraught when one of the worms broke into two. We were rather heartbroken actually, we then decided we needed to play doctor.

We ran inside with the worm (still broken) and went straight to the bathroom. We grabbed a couple band aids and tried “fixing” the poor worm. After trying for a while, we learned that band aids won’t stick to a dirt covered, squirming worm. I believe we were around five at the time.

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