31 Day Blog Challenge

Piercings and Tattoos?


I love the thrill and rush of getting a tattoo or piercing. I prefer tattoos over piercings, I think it’s because tattoos last longer than piercings. You can sit in your preferred tattoo artists chair longer and see how pain you can take. Piercings are just a one poke deal, almost too simple for me.

I almost think I’m allergic to surgical steel because all the piercings I have gotten, they rejected. Some rejected instantly and others rejected months after having them. Which in a way is discouraging. You go through whatever pain it takes to get the piercing, then it decides it doesn’t like your body anymore and it makes your skin look are gross. I had my hips pierced, the surface ones not the dermal piercing. I also had my tongue, belly button and nipples done. The only ones that I currently still have are my first and second holes in my ears.

As for tattoos, I received my first one when I was 15. Ever since then I fell right in love. I believe our body is a temple and we should/can decorate it how we please. It shows character and sometimes explains who a person is or sometimes was before you get to know them. I am one of those people that have tattoos I regret. No, I never had anyone’s names tattooed on myself. (Aside from my son’s and little sister’s.) I’ve already had one cover up done and I think I plan to get one more. I know I definitely plan to get more tattoos after this pregnancy too.

Altogether, I have 8 tattoos. Two of them are really tiny and kind of faded. So I don’t always count those or show them off like my others.

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