31 Day Blog Challenge

Most Proud Moment

As most parents, our proud moments have something or other to do with our children. I’m one of those parents. (Go figure) I’ve had moments where I am proud of myself, but sometimes as  parent we tend to ignore our moments and focus more on our child(rens).

If this is a moment of mine, I was more than proud of myself for graduating on time and with my classmates. There were times I doubted myself and others definitely doubted me. The doubt from others pushed me more to prove them wrong. I graduated June 2014, my son was born January 2013.

A couple proud parenting moments are hearing your child say “mama” for the first time or it could be as simple as them falling asleep in your arms because they chose to snuggle you. Both of these extremely exciting and heartwarming. With my son, hearing “love you” for the first time was one of my favorites. Knowing and hearing those words are two completely different things.

My son tells me that he loves me multiple times a day. He usually has that perfect child timing. It’s like he knows I’m stressed about something or just need to hear those words. Sometimes I even get a hug and kiss to go with those words. There’s no feeling like it.

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