31 Day Blog Challenge

If I Won the Lottery..

If I won the lottery, I’d probably think it was a fake. Just like the time I won $200 on five $2 scratch tickets. I thought someone bought me the trick tickets, but they ended up being real. Since then I haven’t won anything over $20, but I’m not a regular scratch or lottery ticket buyer.

I would start by paying our bills in advance and adding a lot of the money to our savings. Those would be the top two things to do with that much money. I’m not a big shopper, I mean I do love shopping but I know my budgets and usually buy what’s needed for myself or my little family.

I would gradually spend the money on us, as in things we have wanted for a while but just haven’t had the extra money to spend. Maybe I could surprise my other half with extra money to pay for the garage he’s been wanting for the last couple of years.

Trying not to go crazy with a huge amount of money would be a little hard but totally worth it. I wouldn’t want to waste money on pointless things that wouldn’t matter to us in a couple of years. Money can go a long ways if you use it wisely and that’s what I would plan on doing.

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