31 Day Blog Challenge

What’s in my handbag?

Random junk.

Plus, it’s sad that so much random stuff is in there because I rarely ever use my purse. Not that it isn’t cute or anything (because it is). I just don’t like carrying it around, mostly because it’s something else I can lose in a store.

I randomly place my wallet, purse, drink, and usually anything I’m holding. I almost never notice that I’m doing it either. If I do remember that I set something down, then I have to retrace my steps just to find it again.

That’s why I love shopping carts. It’s harder to lose a cart than it is to lose your little wallet.

Back to the question, what’s inside the purse.. A lip gloss that I bought last summer, I think I’ve only used it two or three times. Avenger tissues, because my four year old loves them and they come in handy when he’s leaking snot. A few pens because I don’t like using other people’s pens in a drive-thru. A USB piece to charge my phone in a vehicle. Some random single wrapped vitamins. A car charger that charges a back warmer/massager, which I’ve also only used twice. Lastly, a package of gummies and crackers for emergency snacks on the go.

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