Random Rants

Busy Busy Busy

To say the least, I’ve been super busy lately.

We’ve had baby appointments every two weeks, soon to be once a week. I was 35 weeks yesterday. It’s gone by so quick looking back but if you asked me today, I’d say today is dragging.

My son is wrapping up his last couple of weeks at nursery school, he’s excited about summer break and very anxious for his baby sister to arrive. We talk a lot about her arrival and I keep explaining that she’s not going to just “fall out” of me. Children’s minds are so innocent, we can’t help but giggle about it. We also talk a lot about him starting Pre-K this coming fall, he calls it his “big boy” school.

Home life has consisted of baby prepping, putting my swollen ankles up, and most recently homework. Our mini home renovation is all completed so we have three bedrooms instead of the two we had. The baby’s room is almost all set and we have plenty of stuff for our little peanut.

I recently discovered my swollen ankles last week or the week before. Then even more recently discovered, it’s not only my ankles that are starting to swell as I near the end of this pregnancy.

To wrap up my busy life, my two online summer classes started yesterday. Yes, I did inform them that I’m super pregnant and could totally pop at anytime. I didn’t use those exact words but the point was made. The classes shouldn’t be too stressful. I’ve started to work on both of them a little each day and hopefully get ahead a little before the baby comes. That way if I fall behind I technically won’t be behind.

I hope you enjoyed reading how my life has been the past couple of weeks.

Feel free to share your busy schedules!


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