Random Rants

“Perfect” Parent

Being 21 with a four year old boy and a little girl on the way, I’m no where near being an experienced mother. Especially to a teenager. But from experience and watching my sister being raised, I know how I felt being the daughter and not the parent.

I know I was an easier child than I was a teenager. Not only is being a teenager such an emotional rollercoaster but no one is given directions on how to tackle life. I had wished I had more freedom. I wished I had the life of all the other “perfect” girls in high school.

Once I gained all that freedom, it hit me like a rock. The freedom all came at once and I was a rebellious, sheltered teen previous to that. I went crazy, to say the least. All the freedom I had wanted was right in front of me and after a while, it became old. I remember wishing I had my old sheltered life back. Not completely but just bits and pieces.

For those of you raising daughters, don’t be a complete pusher or have no rules at all. Even though they act like they want tons of freedom, everyone still needs stability and they need to feel loved. Parenting isn’t easy. There isn’t a manual on how to raise a child, how to be the perfect parent, or how to stop your child from hating you.

You can’t be the perfect parent, some people need that friendly reminder.

Your child may hate you a time or two but that’s rather normal. You don’t always get along with someone you spend months and/or even years with. Random arguments and even scream matches are normal too.

Just know, if your child isn’t happy with you than you are in fact doing something right. If you don’t want to pull your hair out, then you might need to get a hold of Ellen and tell her about the most perfect child.

“Parenting is a lot like the bar scene. Everyone’s yelling, everything’s sticky, it’s the same music over and over again and someone occasionally pukes.”

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