Mom Life

Homemade Baby Food

Last year I decided I wanted to start gardening. If you know me, that’s pretty huge because I usually can’t keep plants alive. I’ve never really had a green thumb.

After a successful garden last year, I then decided I wanted to make Callie’s baby food. I recently started using the amazing baby bullet we received at our baby shower. It’s wonderful.

So far, I’ve made yellow squash and zucchini. Both with breastmilk instead of water to make the consistency more smooth and the food more nutritious. She’s a few months away from being able to try her yummy foods so I started freezing them.

I did use the tray the bullet came with and ice cube trays as well. I found the ice cube trays to be more convenient because they’re smaller and once the food is frozen, I just pop them into a freezer bag and label them. Also, it’ll be easier to mix the foods because they’re in such small portions. (an awesome tip from a friend)

Follow my progress on my Instagram! @samantharaye16

Tips & questions are ALWAYS welcome!

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