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Parent Fun

When I used to picture myself at the age of 21, I didn’t see much of what my life is actually like. I pictured more friends, college, parties, and fun.

My life, is well the life of a mom. I cook, clean, garden, and shower when I can; that sort of thing. I have mom fun. Like finding new movies to watch on Netflix with my four year old and making cooing sounds with my 2.5 month old.

My other half and I occasionally have “parent fun”. Which consists of a couple hours to ourselves or with friends, because we are only 21 and are still kids at heart. Every parent needs that time. If not, well you’re going to be boring and your relationship might go down the drain.

Parents need to have time together because without you two, your relationship, and your love; your beautiful children probably wouldn’t exist. So spend the alone or going out time to remember why you fell in love. Fall in love with your partner all over again.

I never knew it was possible to fall in love with someone multiple times, over and over again. Usually it’s the little things, the things that tend to go unnoticed. Cherish those moments.

We had some parent fun (for a few hours) and went to the fair. It wasn’t much but it was fun to feel 21 again. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the week that we forget we are still young and can still have fun (besides sleeping in).

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