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Pinterest Wanna-Be

I’m one of those people that absolutely love Pinterest. I love the idea of it, the whole 9 yards.

BUT.. I’m a “wanna-be”. I’ve pinned so many things, I don’t even remember pinning but at the time I found them amazing and SO cool.

I’ve pinned crafty things for the kids, awesome remodeling ideas, diy’s for the WHOLE house, super cute outfits, budgeting money, and some super tasty recipes.

Normal right?! Yet, I’ve maybe put a few of those saved pins to good use. A few yummy recipes and some hair ideas to bring to my hairdresser. As I sit here, while my daughter takes a nap. I wonder why on earth do I pin all these “super cool things” if I never put them to good use??

I personally think it’s because I want to be that totally equipped mom that looks like she totally has her shit together. The one that can do-it-all and still look fabulous. But in all reality, I’m not.

Like today, I did laundry and the dishes. Felt like a damn super-mom. I haven’t even put on pants today, why? Because NOBODY cares what I look like in my own home. If I’m home, I’m gonna be a damn bum. No doubt about it.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m not going to be that mom that looks like she has her shit together, because I’m still processing the idea that I’m a freaking mom to two beautiful babies.

Mom-ing doesn’t come with a manual. There’s no right or wrong way to parent, there’s your own way.

So if I want to sit home without pants, I’m gonna.

If I want to feed my four year old chicken nuggets or frozen pizza, it’s gonna happen.

I’m definitely not a super mom that diy’s everything and looks 100% anywhere I go.

Damn Pinterest. You make everything look SO EASY.


Plexus Worldwide

Plexus & Breastfeeding

My daughter is now five weeks old and breastfed. I pump every day and freeze my milk because I will be going to the school in the fall and still want her to continue to get breastmilk. At first when I started pumping I was only getting an ounce or so. Then a week or so would pass and I could pump 2 ounces. I started drinking the Plexus Slim Drink and I can now pump anywhere from 3-5 ounces out of just one boob. If any of you have pumped, you will know this excitement I am feeling. Plexus offers different trial packs with some combos or just the Slim. Some people are skeptical about trying a new product, but I highly recommend this for your supply, your baby, and your health altogether!

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Picture of 4.5 ounces pumped from one side in under 10 minutes!

Mom Life · Random Rants

Mom & School Life

Life with a newborn and a four year old is anything but boring. Add online schooling and housework and it’s a little hectic. But I’d rather being getting daily tasks done than feeling like I didn’t get any closer to my life goals at the end of the day.

Goals keep us motivated and also that satisfied accomplished feeling when you get something done you’ve always wanted to. Or just being able to sneak in a shower once the baby is sleeping and my son is either content or sleeping as well. Showering has become a task too, along with housework and schooling.

Our little girl is definitely a boob baby and loves to nurse! (no complaints) I’m just not used to this because my son had to be bottle fed. Breastfeeding is an experience on its own. Sometimes you cry and other times you smile, sometimes the two combine and you find yourself so happy you’re crying. Gotta love those amazing hormones. (LOL)

Plexus has kept me a little more sane I think. It’s something to look forward to drinking in the morning and feeling better throughout the day. Some people look forward to their morning coffee or tea, I look forward to drinking my Plexus Slim.

School has been going as good as it gets. It’s stressful, even doing it from your own living room. But the thought of finishing definitely keeps me motivated. Also, the thought of getting my degree completed and finding a job that I will actually enjoy on a day to day basis.

Well, that’s what’s going on in my life.

Plexus Worldwide

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Mom Life

Mom of 2

My little family grew by one Monday morning. We now have a little girl. She gives the best cuddles and loves to sleep. Our hearts are so full, we have two children to love and give the world to.

On that note, my busy life just got a little busier. I’m a full-time mommy and part-time student, my better half works full-time as well. Our quality time consists of parenting (when he’s home) and sleeping of course. We occasionally watch a movie or an episode from one of the many series we are still trying to finish.

Even with the lack of sleep, huge bags under my eyes, and a sassy four-year-old; I’m still as happy as ever. Where I had to have a C-section to avoid complications, I have such a supportive family helping me with housework I’m not supposed to do. Without their help, my house would look like a tornado went through it daily and I would have a ridiculous amount of dirty laundry.

Any parent have any advice?

I would love to hear your opinions and parenting techniques.


Random Rants

Why are ya staring at my belly?

Well, as you know I’m pregnant. Some of you know how much weight I’ve gained, others have no idea. Nearing the end of this journey of baby number two, I feel round and uncomfortable. And those that stare at you like you just killed someone, do not make me feel anymore comfortable or less round.

It’s like no matter how old you look, what you wear, and where you are; people stare at your damn belly. Like, oh sorry. Let me cover this basketball sized belly of mine so you can stare at someone else that doesn’t look “normal.”

Why do they stare? It’s not just females either, men do the same thing. Yeah, my boobs are three times the size they used to be but so isn’t this round belly underneath them.

I guess I just don’t get it. I don’t mind the people that smile after because it feels like they’re smile is a congratulations without words. That makes me smile back and feel better about waddling through the isles of a grocery store.

I realize I look young but they also just assume I’m really young too. I grew up with my dad always telling me, “If you assume something, you’re making an ass out of you and me.” Or whatever you’re assuming because typically you have not a clue about something and you’re just throwing a random idea out there. No facts, no knowledge.

You’re simply just an ass for staring at my pregnant belly and ASSuming too many false things. Sorry my life isn’t “picture perfect” but I can guarantee neither is the grouchy looking woman that’s staring at me in isle 8 of Wal-Mart.