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My daughter is now five weeks old and breastfed. I pump every day and freeze my milk because I will be going to the school in the fall and still want her to continue to get breastmilk. At first when I started pumping I was only getting an ounce or so. Then a week or so would pass and I could pump 2 ounces. I started drinking the Plexus Slim Drink and I can now pump anywhere from 3-5 ounces out of just one boob. If any of you have pumped, you will know this excitement I am feeling. Plexus offers different trial packs with some combos or just the Slim. Some people are skeptical about trying a new product, but I highly recommend this for your supply, your baby, and your health altogether!

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Picture of 4.5 ounces pumped from one side in under 10 minutes!

Plexus Worldwide

X Factor Plus


This vitamin supports, boosts, protects, improves, and increases the good and decreases the bad.

*Increases beneficial lactobacillus

*Reduces the production of undesirable compounds in the gut

*Promotes mental clarity and concentration

*Protects against free radical damage

*Boosts energy levels and metabolism

*Improves your mood

*Supports healthy bones and muscle function

Having a hard time finding the right vitamin? Try this out and it may just be your new choice!

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