Random Rants

“Perfect” Parent

Being 21 with a four year old boy and a little girl on the way, I’m no where near being an experienced mother. Especially to a teenager. But from experience and watching my sister being raised, I know how I felt being the daughter and not the parent.

I know I was an easier child than I was a teenager. Not only is being a teenager such an emotional rollercoaster but no one is given directions on how to tackle life. I had wished I had more freedom. I wished I had the life of all the other “perfect” girls in high school.

Once I gained all that freedom, it hit me like a rock. The freedom all came at once and I was a rebellious, sheltered teen previous to that. I went crazy, to say the least. All the freedom I had wanted was right in front of me and after a while, it became old. I remember wishing I had my old sheltered life back. Not completely but just bits and pieces.

For those of you raising daughters, don’t be a complete pusher or have no rules at all. Even though they act like they want tons of freedom, everyone still needs stability and they need to feel loved. Parenting isn’t easy. There isn’t a manual on how to raise a child, how to be the perfect parent, or how to stop your child from hating you.

You can’t be the perfect parent, some people need that friendly reminder.

Your child may hate you a time or two but that’s rather normal. You don’t always get along with someone you spend months and/or even years with. Random arguments and even scream matches are normal too.

Just know, if your child isn’t happy with you than you are in fact doing something right. If you don’t want to pull your hair out, then you might need to get a hold of Ellen and tell her about the most perfect child.

“Parenting is a lot like the bar scene. Everyone’s yelling, everything’s sticky, it’s the same music over and over again and someone occasionally pukes.”

Random Rants

Busy Busy Busy

To say the least, I’ve been super busy lately.

We’ve had baby appointments every two weeks, soon to be once a week. I was 35 weeks yesterday. It’s gone by so quick looking back but if you asked me today, I’d say today is dragging.

My son is wrapping up his last couple of weeks at nursery school, he’s excited about summer break and very anxious for his baby sister to arrive. We talk a lot about her arrival and I keep explaining that she’s not going to just “fall out” of me. Children’s minds are so innocent, we can’t help but giggle about it. We also talk a lot about him starting Pre-K this coming fall, he calls it his “big boy” school.

Home life has consisted of baby prepping, putting my swollen ankles up, and most recently homework. Our mini home renovation is all completed so we have three bedrooms instead of the two we had. The baby’s room is almost all set and we have plenty of stuff for our little peanut.

I recently discovered my swollen ankles last week or the week before. Then even more recently discovered, it’s not only my ankles that are starting to swell as I near the end of this pregnancy.

To wrap up my busy life, my two online summer classes started yesterday. Yes, I did inform them that I’m super pregnant and could totally pop at anytime. I didn’t use those exact words but the point was made. The classes shouldn’t be too stressful. I’ve started to work on both of them a little each day and hopefully get ahead a little before the baby comes. That way if I fall behind I technically won’t be behind.

I hope you enjoyed reading how my life has been the past couple of weeks.

Feel free to share your busy schedules!


31 Day Blog Challenge

What am I afraid of?

I try my best not to be afraid, but sometimes you can’t hold everything in.

I’ve always had a fear of the dark. ALWAYS. Even in my own house, the dark still gets to me. There’s something about it, it just really gets to me.

I guess growing up being told how creepy people can be and that you can’t trust everyone you think you can, led me to the fear of being taken. Yes, taken like the movies.

And of course, losing loved ones and such. Losing things and/or people that I’m deeply attached to.

Anyone else have a fear of something random or obvious?

31 Day Blog Challenge

Favorite Childhood Book

I love reading. I love books. I love short stories.

I wasn’t always a huge fan of some of the books that teachers had us read in school. But going to the library and choosing my own book was always so exciting to me.

As I grew up, we collected books. Tons of them. I had Disney, Christmas, and many random ones.

I don’t know off the top of my head if I had ONE favorite. I have a hard time choosing one of anything, unless it’s a no-brainer kind of thing.

I remember loving The Bernstein Bears books, I owned so many of them and I would read them over and over again. I think I liked them so much because they had so many of them and they were all different.

I also remember loving The Little Critter books.

Maybe that’s why prefer to read a series over single book stories. I guess I never really thought of that, but it all makes sense now.

Anyone want to share a childhood favorite book?

31 Day Blog Challenge

Dream Job

We’ve all had that outrageous dream job that always seemed possible to achieve when we were younger. As we grew older, most of us never try to accomplish that dream. Some of us even forget about it because let’s face it. Life gets hectic sometimes.

I always wanted to travel. That was my dream. I wanted to travel the world and stay in the place that I fell in love with. Maybe somewhere tropical and an overall happy environment. After finding the place I wanted to stay, I would then find a job.

The job opportunities would differ depending on where I ended up. But I always dreamed of being a model or a photographer. I just love the atmosphere of it all. It’s where I feel happy and I feel as though anything is possible.

I have modeled and still continue to but the traveling part isn’t going to happen unless I have my little family with me. So life chose a different path for me. I wasn’t meant to be a big shot, famous person. I’m okay with that. I’m more than okay with being a happy mom and feeling like I’m going to go insane half the time.

Anyone want to tell me what dream job they had?

What they ended up doing with their lives instead?


31 Day Blog Challenge

Timeline of my day

Well, since the day is almost over I can tell you all about my fun filled Wednesday.

I spent the day with my snotty (his nose really is running) child. Since he’s sick he wasn’t up for doing much of anything. We watched a couple movies and cuddled. He played a couple cooking games on the iPad while I sorted through baby stuff.

We just had our baby shower Saturday and added another bedroom upstairs yesterday. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but I can start to calm down because we actually have three bedrooms now. My son wasn’t too fond of the idea of sharing a room with his baby sister, although we never gave him that idea he knew there were only two bedrooms before the mini remodel.

I managed to get a sink full of dishes and a load of laundry done. On top of sorting through almost all of the baby stuff. My son went outside for a little bit until he realized he was hungry and wanted lunch. After he ate he laid down for a nap and actually slept great.

While he napped, I snuck a shower in. That was around noon. It is now almost 5:30 p.m. and I’m still in my robe. Pregnant mom life is the life for me.

Now I’m watching Scooby-doo with B and writing this blog. My other half just got home so I’m going to start chicken on the grill and relax with my little family.