31 Day Blog Challenge

Favorite Childhood Book

I love reading. I love books. I love short stories.

I wasn’t always a huge fan of some of the books that teachers had us read in school. But going to the library and choosing my own book was always so exciting to me.

As I grew up, we collected books. Tons of them. I had Disney, Christmas, and many random ones.

I don’t know off the top of my head if I had ONE favorite. I have a hard time choosing one of anything, unless it’s a no-brainer kind of thing.

I remember loving The Bernstein Bears books, I owned so many of them and I would read them over and over again. I think I liked them so much because they had so many of them and they were all different.

I also remember loving The Little Critter books.

Maybe that’s why prefer to read a series over single book stories. I guess I never really thought of that, but it all makes sense now.

Anyone want to share a childhood favorite book?

31 Day Blog Challenge

Dream Job

We’ve all had that outrageous dream job that always seemed possible to achieve when we were younger. As we grew older, most of us never try to accomplish that dream. Some of us even forget about it because let’s face it. Life gets hectic sometimes.

I always wanted to travel. That was my dream. I wanted to travel the world and stay in the place that I fell in love with. Maybe somewhere tropical and an overall happy environment. After finding the place I wanted to stay, I would then find a job.

The job opportunities would differ depending on where I ended up. But I always dreamed of being a model or a photographer. I just love the atmosphere of it all. It’s where I feel happy and I feel as though anything is possible.

I have modeled and still continue to but the traveling part isn’t going to happen unless I have my little family with me. So life chose a different path for me. I wasn’t meant to be a big shot, famous person. I’m okay with that. I’m more than okay with being a happy mom and feeling like I’m going to go insane half the time.

Anyone want to tell me what dream job they had?

What they ended up doing with their lives instead?


31 Day Blog Challenge

Timeline of my day

Well, since the day is almost over I can tell you all about my fun filled Wednesday.

I spent the day with my snotty (his nose really is running) child. Since he’s sick he wasn’t up for doing much of anything. We watched a couple movies and cuddled. He played a couple cooking games on the iPad while I sorted through baby stuff.

We just had our baby shower Saturday and added another bedroom upstairs yesterday. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but I can start to calm down because we actually have three bedrooms now. My son wasn’t too fond of the idea of sharing a room with his baby sister, although we never gave him that idea he knew there were only two bedrooms before the mini remodel.

I managed to get a sink full of dishes and a load of laundry done. On top of sorting through almost all of the baby stuff. My son went outside for a little bit until he realized he was hungry and wanted lunch. After he ate he laid down for a nap and actually slept great.

While he napped, I snuck a shower in. That was around noon. It is now almost 5:30 p.m. and I’m still in my robe. Pregnant mom life is the life for me.

Now I’m watching Scooby-doo with B and writing this blog. My other half just got home so I’m going to start chicken on the grill and relax with my little family.


31 Day Blog Challenge

What’s in my handbag?

Random junk.

Plus, it’s sad that so much random stuff is in there because I rarely ever use my purse. Not that it isn’t cute or anything (because it is). I just don’t like carrying it around, mostly because it’s something else I can lose in a store.

I randomly place my wallet, purse, drink, and usually anything I’m holding. I almost never notice that I’m doing it either. If I do remember that I set something down, then I have to retrace my steps just to find it again.

That’s why I love shopping carts. It’s harder to lose a cart than it is to lose your little wallet.

Back to the question, what’s inside the purse.. A lip gloss that I bought last summer, I think I’ve only used it two or three times. Avenger tissues, because my four year old loves them and they come in handy when he’s leaking snot. A few pens because I don’t like using other people’s pens in a drive-thru. A USB piece to charge my phone in a vehicle. Some random single wrapped vitamins. A car charger that charges a back warmer/massager, which I’ve also only used twice. Lastly, a package of gummies and crackers for emergency snacks on the go.